We make web more accessible

Listen to articles around the world.
In your favorite language.

Custom appearance

A customizable audio player. A variety of narration voices.

Effortless integration

Add a single script to your site. We will handle the rest.

Flexible pricing

Pay for expenses or share the ad revenue.

Trusted partners

We partner industry leaders: Google, Amazon, Yandex.

Responsive support

We will cover morphology, pronunciation and ads.

Free to try

Sign up and get a free trial period for the select articles.

Technology partners

Case Studies

The jauns.lv site has around 200,000 a daily visitors. From them, 2% of visitors listen to articles in audio format. The site generates 2,000 daily streaming sessions.


Expenses coverage only

The contract for publishers who are not using the ad placement feature. We bill you the exact expenses the partners bill us.

10% from player ads

The contract for publishers who are using the ad placement feature. We demand 10% of income from ads generated by our player.

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